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Rule of Twelfths

The Rule of Twelfths provides navigators with a method of estimating the rate of regular tidal flows

Navigation - how to find your way by sea .

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

"Water, water everywhere," wrote Samuel Coleridge, "and not a drop to drink." Well, no longer. Modern technology makes water-making easy.

Mechanical and Electrical .

Lee bowing the tide

The effects of the wind are usually plain to see. The effects of the tide are sometimes less obvious.

Seamanship .

Scaling factors

When boats vary in size not every value increases and diminishes at the same rate

Design and construction .

Mainsail reefing

Mainsail reefing has come a long way over the past few decades. Some would say not always for the better. This article compares methods and discusses flaws and virtues.

Gear .

Drogues and drag devices

Some form of drag device should be on every offshore sailboat. This article reviews some of the options.

Gear .

Sensible interior layouts

Many basically good sailboats are spoiled by their interior designs.

Design and construction .

Fighting friction

It's an irony that amply manned racing yachts come fitted with the fanciest gear while shorthanded cruisers often struggle with economy equipment. Here's one reason why.

Gear .

Bleeding a diesel engine

Bleeding a diesel engine isn't a difficult task -- so long as you go about it methodically

Mechanical and Electrical .