No boat is complete without the equipment it carries and this often presents the skipper with some difficult choices. There is rarely a simple answer to every question but this section helps debate the alternatives.

Mainsail reefing

Mainsail reefing has come a long way over the past few decades. Some would say not always for the better. This article compares methods and discusses flaws and virtues.

Drogues and drag devices

Some form of drag device should be on every offshore sailboat. This article reviews some of the options.

Fighting friction

It's an irony that amply manned racing yachts come fitted with the fanciest gear while shorthanded cruisers often struggle with economy equipment. Here's one reason why.

Lifejackets and harnesses

Having someone fall overboard is a major emergency. Better by far to prevent it happening in the first place.

Storm sails

When the going gets tough you need tough sails. Dedicated storm canvas is the answer

Bosun's chair

Ascending the mast is not a job to be taken lightly. Safety must be the first consideration.

Low profile wind scoop

A low profile wind scoop that you can make yourself. It helps prevent rain entering through an open hatch

Tried and tested

Reliability is a cardinal virtue for all sailing equipment. The gear featured in this article has earned our admiration and respect

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