Mechanical and Electrical

Machinery and Electrics

Reverse Osmosis Watermakers

"Water, water everywhere," wrote Samuel Coleridge, "and not a drop to drink." Well, no longer. Modern technology makes water-making easy.

Bleeding a diesel engine

Bleeding a diesel engine isn't a difficult task -- so long as you go about it methodically

AGM batteries

AGMs are currently the best type for sailboats

Petroleum gas installations

Liquified petroleum gas is both a convenient and inexpensive fuel for cooking and heating boats. However it is a potentially dangerous substance which must be handled with care.


Both galvanic and electrolytic corrosion can cause serious damage, but can be resisted.


Charging boat batteries

Sailing boats today have become increasingly reliant on electrical devices. It has therefore become increasingly important that you get the very best from your charging and storage systems.

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